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The researchers in this subfield focus on technical, economic and social questions relating to energy and resource-efficient buildings. Technical aspects concern not only isolation materials and materials for an implementation of intelligent technologies but also building materials and developed infrastructures; economic aspects include investment decisions, grants for users of different technologies and the effects of the development of increasing shares of decentralized provided resources (electricity, heat, raw water). Social aspects, on the one hand, include routines, utilization patterns and responsibilities as well as possible changes in other sectors and, on the other, conceptions of equity, e.g. concerning the relation of detached and semi-detached houses and the apartment block building respectively, which particularly dominates in the public housing. Possible results are of significant relevance for the city development in general and infrastructure development especially, but also for architecture and construction companies as well as for public service providers (electric supply companies, public services, administration unions etc.).

The following researchers are interested in this sub-theme: