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This subfield will contain researchers who are concerned with the relationship beween a securing and enhancement of biodiversity on the one hand and the securing of productive ecological systems for the societal development on the other. It further deals with fields as water supply, forestry and agrarian systems as essential characteristics of this subject-matter. Among the possible topics are the functional role, which is played by biodiversity in preservation and regulation of ecological systems and in the provision of ecosystem services, the biodiversity as a "tool" for drafting primary production systems with a high diversity or the identification of economical and ecological benefits of biodiversity. Further possible issues concern how biodiversity can be supported in production systems by public or private control mechanisms or in which way sociocultural diversity (perceptions, norms and so on) has to be considered with strategies that are geared towards biodiversity. Special attention is paid to possible consequences of climate change to the biodiversity and ecosystem services.

The following researchers are interested in this subfield: