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SuMo-Rhine - Promotion of Sustainable Mobility in the Upper Rhine Region

Mobility is a central factor in society, both economically and socially. In its current form, however, in France and Switzerland it contributes about 30% and in Germany about 20% to the national harmful CO2 emissions.

The aim of the "SuMo-Rhine" project is to support cities and municipalities on the Upper Rhine in the development and expansion of cross-border sustainable transport systems. The cross-border transport systems existing on the Upper Rhine are comprehensively analysed and evaluated using the metropolitan areas of Strasbourg and Lörrach as examples. In the course of this, the project partners will set up a novel "decision support system". Using a web application, the system makes measurable and not least comparable indicators for sustainable mobility accessible. Cities, municipalities, mobility offices and mobility service providers should be able to identify potentials for improving transport services with low environmental impact and for increasing the market share of alternative modes of transport much more precisely than before.

The Interreg project "SuMo-Rhine" is coordinated by the Franco-German Institute for Environmental Research (DFIU) of the Karlsruhe Institute for Environmental Research (KIT).

Project leader at the University of Freiburg: Janusch Jehle, janusch.jehle felis.uni-freiburg de; Samuel Mayer, samuel.mayer felis.uni-freiburg de

Project website: