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Sustainability Research
in the Upper Rhine region

Upper Rhine Cluster for Sustainability Research

Who we are

The members of the Upper Rhine Cluster for Sustainability Research (URCforSR) und Innovation  engages the higher education sector such as the universities of the Eucor network (Basel, Freiburg, Karlsruhe, Mulhouse and Strasbourg, the University of Koblenz and Landau with its location Landau ), plus various universities of applied sciences and research institutes as associated partners. Since its beginnings, the network has built strong relationships with political decision-makers, private sector, citizens and other territorial stakeholders who have been involved as much as possible in its projects.

What we do

The Cluster's main objective is to develop cross-border and interdisciplinary research and innovation strategies and projects in which actors from the academic, economic, political and civil society spheres work together. The development of common expertise accompanied by holistic strategies and solutions transcending disciplines is just as important as the emphasis on the transfer of knowledge to society.

The Cluster's projects have particularly developed around the theme of renewable energies, whether in the development of an energy market in the Upper Rhine, or sustainable mobility and energy consumption.

The existing cooperations with the
Graduate Academy SERIOR as well as with
Eucor – The European Campus strengthen
the exchange of resources and knowledge in the Upper Rhine region.

What we research

The URCforSR develops strategies and projects in different areas surrounding sustainability. All Eucor-Universities - The European Campus as well as other universities of applied sciences and research institutions in the Upper Rhine region cooperate in an interdisciplinary manner with the economic sector in the field of sustainable research and innovation.

The Fessenheim area project is an example of the cluster's work. The project aims to transform the territory into an innovative, low-carbon pilot region, a model for transition to a new energy era. With its development goals established by various national, regional and municipal bodies, URCforSR has been entrusted with the task of elaborating, with the help of a feasibility study, a concept for a sustainable development of the Fessenheim region into an innovation region.

The research activities are geared to the comprehensive subject matter “Governance of sustainable growth“, which is subdivided in five fields of investigation: